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Adeyanju Otesile

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B. Bike stations.

     The goal is to put a sidewalk bike repair shops in the city of chicago by 2015


          - High quality - Low cost repairs & servicing

          - Custom high-end Bike builds service

          - Fork & Suspension Bike Servicing

          - Custom Wheel Building Service

          - Complete Cycle Servicing & Repairs

          - Accessory & Bike Parts Fitting - eg childseats / carriers

          - General Maintenance for bikes - forks, gears, brakes etc




            - The problem in chicago is that we don't have many small bike repair shop for a quick fix but rather we have big repair shops

         and it takes day's before you can get your bike fix and another week to get it out of the shop. This can't be acceptable in

         chicago. In addtion, this repair shop are far away from each other.



Ade, this is a very interesting direction you've found. Considering what Randy Neuman said on the 19th, you should explore it more, and consider it as one of the options for a design project. ---Carl



       -Based on the chicago map above, the map indicates that city of chicago has less that 40 repair shops in the city. This

        repair shops are at list 15-25mils from which other. We need to improve more repair shops in every 5mils from each other.


       Fixing your bike in China


        Fixing your bike in china means bringing it to any one of the hundreds of "bike repair stations" set up in every nighborhood in

        every village, town and city. These "stations" are just guys who set up the sidewalk, complete with bike pumps, spare parts and

          extra locks.


          Full article on Cold Bones and Bike Repairs in Beijiing  



       Sidewalk bike in Central London






      We are a small shop near central London that specialises in repairing all types of bicycles.

      Our main work is on commuter and utility bicycles and though we do not carry a lot of parts

      for upper-end bicycles we do work on them. Hub gears do not daunt us; neither do drum

      brakes, fully-enclosed chains, disc brakes or suspension. 











     Lakeshore bike 'n Tune is located  off the lakefront at the

                                                      Waveland tennis court:

                                                      365 N. Recreation Drive

                                                               Chicago, IL 60657



      The shope is ownd by Demain March.



Our Mission

        When we started Lakeshore Bike 'n Tune  in 2003 Demian and I were determined to provide quick, outstanding bicycle service at fair prices. We

       felt that this was something that was missing from the Chicago cycling community.  Because we are both dedicated cyclists with over 45 years

       combined experience working on and riding bicycles, we understood how difficult it is to get great service at a fair price here in Chicago. We

       believe bicycling should be a fun and affordable hobby for all cyclists.

                                                                                                                                                                                 -Marc Taylor Managing Partner



    Tune-Up Special $35!!!!


        -Brake Inspection and Adjustment

        -Derailleur Adjustment (Front and Rear)

        -Basic Wheel Truing (Straightening)

        -Adjustment of all Bearings to Proper Tolerances

        -Lube and PSI Check

        -Free Seat Adjustment

        -Thorough Safety Check!

          -Pick up and delivery









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I tot this is pretty funny...............

















*Provide bike parking at large events and sports facilities.

        - Provide and publicize attended bike parking at larg events and festivals.

        - Establish indoor or sheltered bike parking at large sports facilities.




continue installing outdoor(shot-term) bike racks in parks all over the chicago area.

- Encourage the installation of convenient and secure bike parking inside parks.

- Establish outdoor sheltered bike parking




- Encouraging people to bicycle to sports events rather than drive reduces traffic congestion and the need for automoblie parking.

- Place stickers on selected parking meters to adive bicyclists that they are appropriate locations for parking.

- Install bike parking inside or out side tennis courts.




- Widely publicize the bike-tansit option.

- Establish large bike parking areas at select train stations.

- Increase the number of biycles that can be stored on CTA trains.

- Post signs publicizing the bike-transit connection.

- Continue installing bike racks in or ouside train staions.

- Promote bike-transite using existing transit incentive programs.






- Consider providing indoor bike during the planning, design, and construction of new and reconstructed train stations.

- Maintain bicycle acces during train station remodeling and reconstruction.

- Provide bike parking whenver park-and-ride facilities are established or expanded.

- Post signs at train station publicizing the availbity of bike parking.

- continue installing bike racks in or outside existing station.



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i love the idea it's pretty nice and simple and as you can see from the video it's very practical and easy to us.





Bus and coach

Compared to rail, where 19% of UK households are within a 10 minute walk of a station, the coverage of the UK by bus & coach is considerably greater - over 90% of households are this close to a bus stop.  With the bicycle that coverage becomes near universal. Bicycles can go on, in under or behind buses & coaches, and a surprising number of services are operating now in the UK. One group of rural services in Sheffield operated by 2 low floor mini-buses (illustrated), was carrys a steady but small number of bikes (30 per month), a healthy addition to the number of passengers in rural bus terms. We can also bring this idea to the states



A secured bicycle storage rooms for students and Staff. Access to these storage rooms will be given by means of the Student or Staff ID card, which will be activated on application. The Storage rooms could be located at a lower level of any building or the storage rooms should have is own building

The storage room can also be a locker room in a gym.......









In association with Feilden Clegg Bradley & Bike off

(Design Against Crime Research Centre, University of the Arts London)


Cycling is booming in London creating new challenges from increased bike theft to demands for better parking. A range of pioneering bike storage solutions will be revealed, selected by judges including Channel 4 News presenter Jon Snow and Wayne Hemmingway, designer and founder of Red or Dead.








This is what i called a storage.......



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