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Fall 2008

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Fall 2008 - Putting Bikes In Business




Metropolis Coffee - Brian Calderon, Kris Lewis, Eric Wenzel

This Rogers Park establishment insists that their award-winning roasts be brewed and served in under two hours. The team designed a cart to help build the Metropolis brand by serving samples of freshly brewed coffee and sell coffee beans.

All-Star Maids - Heidi Morazes, Blair Moritz, Ian Sturomski

The team developed a system allowing the maids, who pay for their own transport and parking costs, to perform their routes via bike. The goal of the prototype design is to be adoptable by any cleaning company.

Christy Webber Landscapes - Edgar Ortiz, Alek Shnayder, Angel Villa

One of the biggest landscapers in the Midwest, and possibly the greenest in the country.

A custom bike trailer was developed for a special eco-friendly service for customers interested in being greener. No other large landscaper in the US is known to use bikes.

Time Out Chicago - Lucas Dachenhausen, Fred Wells

Time Out already delivers all downtown issues via bike trailer, so the team looked at ways to upgrade the trailers, improve visibility and profitability of the practice, without hindering the workers, with the goal of expanding the practice in other city centers.

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