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Infinite mpg

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Product Group


Design Overview



Infinite Miles Per Gallon (mpg), in collaboration with the City of Chicago and The Chicagoland Bike Federation will design a product that will assist in implementing the Bike 2015 Plan.



The ideal solution would compliment the city’s 2015 plan goals by providing a tool to assist in encouraging more people to choose cycling as a method of transportation for 5% of all trips 5 miles or less, and to reduce the number of bicycle injuries by 50 % from current levels.




Design Strategy



To create this new product, we will begin by conducting extensive research, including: competitive analysis, statistical surveys, and ethnographic studies. Information gathered during these studies will be analyzed during various working sessions, and translated into applicable design criteria. Through these studies, we will be able to define the various user types and the obstacles they face on a day-to day basis. We will also examine the current products that exist in the market in order to identify possible opportunities to implement more effective solutions.




Contact Info:



Michael Critzon: mcritzon@yahoo.com 586 260 4447


Adam Koch: adamjko@gmail.com 847 370 4428


Yuuka Yonemura: uuka@hotmail.com 847 345 4798


Ralph Delos Reyes: rnreyes@yahoo.com 847 542 6092

















work at MKI 7 am-5pm

class 1pm-430pm

class 830am-1230pm work at Abbey Pub 7:45pm-1am (abbey pub schedule tenative)

work at MKI 7am-4pm Abbey Pub 7:45pm-1am (abbey pub schedule tenative)

work at MKI 7am-5pm

watch Mia usually

sleep for 24 hours


8am-12 WORK;

1-4:50 CLASS

8-5:30 WORK


8:30-12:20 CLASS;

6-9:50 CLASS


8-5:30 WORK


8-12 WORK;

1-4:50 CLASS;

6:30-9:20 CLASS

12-4 FREELANCE (usually)



about rosie

















All day (usually)






Class 8:30-12:20

Class 12:30-3:30

Class 6:00-9:50

Tutor 12:30-3:00

Class 3:30-6:20






8am - 430pm


1pm - 5pm


830am - 1pm


1am - 5pm


8am - 430pm


8am - 430pm





Design Research




1.1 Competitive Analysis


Our research methodology begins with increasing our awareness of products and technologies that currently exist in the marketplace. By utilizing internet catalogs and photo documenting trips to relevant stores, we will compile a comprehensive visual inventory of bike-related products available in the market today. Facets, such as bike storage, security of property, physical safety, weather, load carrying and bike maintenence will be examined and successful design elements will be noted for further 2-D exploration.






Weight (in lbs)

Anti-Theft Warranty




Bell Dial N' Go




Cable locks cut like butter


Akita Cable Lock




Cable locks cut like butter


Kryptonite Gorgon




Cable locks cut like butter


Master Lock Street Cuffs




According to theis website, they snap like a twig: http://commutebybike.com/2006/04/09/street-cuffs-snap/


Master Lock Force 3







"The metal in the shackle (the "U") is of low quality and the locking mechanism in the crossbar broke off quickly and easily"



Kryptonite Kryptolok







"It took me less than a minute to break through, since the steel in the shackle is so soft and vulnerable. The included mounting bracket is flimsy plastic junk."


Onguard Bulldog




"And while my hopes were high for the sturdy-looking Onguard mounting bracket, the City Bikes staff assured me it would eventually snap off. In fact, just as they said this, a customer entered with a broken Onguard mount asking for a replacement"


Onguard Beast




"The Beast lives up to its name—it weighs almost 10 pounds and can take a serious beating." Very difficult to carry around


Kryptonite New York Chain




"The New York Chain lock is much easier to use than the Beast. I didn't think this little lock could handle a full-fledged beat-down, but it shook it off and continued to work like new. I appreciated the added flexibility that comes with a chain lock—they can fit around wide things like lampposts—but I was a little disappointed with its portability."


Onguard Brute STD




"The Brute is the toughest-looking lock in the bunch and one of the toughest-acting. I gave it everything I had. It would have taken me more than 35 minutes to cut through. It falls short, however, in proper mounting hardware: It comes with the same bracket as the 2.4-pound Bulldog, which doesn't hold up since this monster weighs 4.5 pounds


Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit U-lock aka NYFU-lock





"At my hacksawing rate, it would have taken 42 minutes to cut through the 18 mm shackle. The only drawback of "mini" U-locks like the NYFU is that the small stature means you can only lock the bike frame to an object—there's no room for also locking wheels."



Kryptonite Evolution2000 MINI




messengers choice, fits in your back pocket


but you better not have QR's because you can only lock the frame



Safety Accessories-Trinedy






Down Low Glow





More than a bike light, the Down Low Glow provides the 'cool safety' experience customers rave about. With the Down Low Glow bike lights on your two-wheeled thing, you can worry less about getting hit, and focus more on the joys of the night ride:



ElectronicBicycle Thunder Horn


- Electronic Bicycle Thunder Horn


- Sound output Over 115 db


- Work with 1 pc 9V battery


- Caution:


- This Thunder Horn is not recommended for children under 8 years old unless supervised by adults

- Do not use within 50cm (18 inches) of anyone ears to avoid damage






Put a pair of Pedalites on your bicycle and you suddenly have a tiny disco lighting system flashing away under your feet. When you step on the pedals, a small generator inside pumps up their three super-bright LEDs which require no batteries. Webbing loop for clip-on LED



Electrodynamic Bike Light

Giving bikers even more protection against being hit by cars, the Electrodynamic Bike Light attaches to both wheels and shines forward and backwards to improve visibility at night. Instead of being powered by batteries or friction, like rim mounted dynamos, these use electromagnetic induction. For those who skipped physics class, that means two magnets, in this case neodynium magnets, pass by each other as the wheels spin, which generates current, which then powers the lights.


The only downside is that there's no light when you're not moving, so be careful at those traffic lights.


$22 for 1, $43 for a pair

Slipstreamz, cycling earwear

If you're a cyclist, you probably realize how much you rely on your hearing to keep you safe in traffic, so you'll immediately recognize the value of Slipstreamz, cycling earwear that will position those iPod earbuds close enough to hear the music, but far enough away so you'll still be able to hear ambient sound.


Made of comfy-cozy molded foam and polyester composite, they attach to the straps on your helmet (you are wearing a helmet, aren't you?), and they have a little slot where you can easily secure your earbuds. An added benefit is their ability to keep your ears warm on those cold blustery days, something for which you might want to plan ahead, even though it's a half a year away.


Not yet avail

stride light jacket

cycling jackets not only with the typical reflective stripes and bright colors, but feature an integrated strobe light of sorts, letting passersby know that, "Hey, I'm ridin' here!"


Reflective skeleton cycling jacket

Last week, Xeni blogged skater skull-hoodies with spine and ribs screened on both sides. Here's a cyclist's version -- a training jacket with a ribcage and spine on it in reflective ink. Link (Thanks, Christopher)

no price


Our first cousins at Kotaku showed us these unique LED Pac Man Spoke Lights, hand-made spoke art constructed by a gal named LadyAda. Now you can animate both of your bicycle wheels, one with Pac Man and the other with that little blue ghost he's chasing. LadyAda shows you how to make your own in a highly detailed how-to post.


The LED Bike Wheel is constructed of 30 LEDs on each side and runs on two to three AA batteries. Once you get up to 15 mph, you achieve what LadyAda calls "total persistence," that concept that makes video appear seamless. Not only does it look extremely cool, it'll give you great visibility at night, too.




Safety Vehicle Safety Flag, 6', 2 Piece, Orange


Delta Airzound Bike Horn




Nathan LED Cyclist Vest



Nathan LED Cyclist Vest


Up to 1 mile visibility


Illumination can last 150 hours


Replaceable battery


360-degree visibility with 500 candlepower reflectivity


Reflective in three colors


Lightweight, breathable mesh


Extended tail for cycling


Great for running, walking, or cycling


Webbing loop for clip-on LED






Woodpecker Incredibell




The Woodpecker Incredibell is unique in the annals of bells. Though it doesn't ring as a traditional bell, it certainly alerts others of your approach. And it looks so cool! The pecker pivots around the dome, making it easy to use in a variety of positions on the handlebars. The dual - size clamp fits handlebars with 21.7mm to 26mm diameters.

Bonus map case included—booties come in a clear reusable zippered plastic bag that doubles as a map case!


The Brass Duet

The Brass Duet makes a traditional ding-dong dual-tone ring with the beautifully resonant ding of solid brass. Its compact size let you mount it just about anywhere on your handlebars. Available in solid brass and chrome-plated solid brass.





YouTube plugin error



Nathan LED glove


Stay safe in low-light conditions with the L.E.D. Lightweight gloves from Nathan&reg. With one mile visibility, the LED panel on the back of the hand can last up to 200 hours and has one-touch taps for easy on and off. The lightweight fabric provides excellent feel and durability.




Lightweight fabric provides excellent feel and durability


Cotton-terry thumb wipe with butterfly construction for improved grip


Illumination can last 200 hours


Easy one-touch taps for on and off


One mile visibility




Up to 1200-ft visibility


Illumination can last 150 hours


Replaceable battery


Magnetically attaches to reflective vests, clothing, and bags



Wrist/ankle bands

Wrist/ankle bands


One mile visibility


Lightweight fabric provides excellent feel and durability


Illumination can last 200 hours


Terry cloth backing for comfort


VELCRO® brand closure


One size fits all




ViewPoint is an adjustable rear-view mirror that's great for cyclists and runners. The tiny 3/8-inch-diameter mirror sticks to the inside of your sunglasses where it's invisible to others. It utilizes a ball-and-socket arrangement so you can use it on a variety of eyewear and still find the best viewing angle. The mirror base is adhesive to easily attach to the inside of your eyewear. Because of its proximity to your eye, the view is similar in size to what you'd see in a handlebar mirror. It's like having eyes in the back of your head!



A deep rear profile offers comprehensive coverage


In-mold technology molds a hard outer shell around EPS foam to create a comfortable, wrapped fit


The outer shell covers and protects the EPS foam from dings and dents and adds structural integrity


Detox stabilizing system with on-the-head tension adjustment ensures a secure fit


20 strategically placed vents keep your head cool


Inset adjustable chin straps allow a customized fit


Includes visor and rear spoiler




Made specifically to fit the Metropolis helmet, kit includes insulated ear flaps and vent plugs to block airflow and keep head toasty on cold days



Pace Mesh Cycling Helmet Liner




Thermal Carbon HydroGrid is a four-way stretch, waterproof/windproof fabric with a 3-D grid knit that wicks moisture


Fabric uses activated carbon from organic coconut shells to inhibit odors; odor-causing agents are removed during normal wash


One-handed wrap-around closure uses a hook-and-loop tab for a snug, customized fit


Durable bottoms feature cutaways for cleats and heels, offering compatibility with most cycling shoes


Reflective trim increases your visibility to motorists in low-light conditions


Bonus map case included—booties come in a clear reusable zippered plastic bag that doubles as a map case!




Looks like a water bottle! Compact wonder has all you need for on-the-spot repairs! Includes: bit screwdriver handle, 6-15mm ball wrench, 6 driver bits (slotted and Phillips), 3 hex key wrenches, 2 tire levers and tire patch kit with glue. Top opens for easy access to bits, inside contains tools. Fits in bottle holder or mounts on bike with bracket (incl.). 7 3/8 x 2 7/8"Dia.


Roc Loc® 3


In-mold construction


27 vents


Snap-fit visor


Weight: 10.5 oz




The Blackburn® multi-mirror

The Blackburn® multi-mirror offers a universal fit to provide added visibility to a variety of bikes. It's designed with an extra-wide range of adjustability.




Universal fit


Extra-wide range of adjustability




Bike helmet mirror




1 x 3W Maxbright LED


Burn Time: up to 10 hours


Batteries: Lithium Ion rechargable, 4 cell


Charge Time: up to a 2-hour charge


Weight: 436 g


Regulated LED's


Oversized buttons


Heat guard


Die-cast aluminum


Cooling fins


Waterproof grommet


Quick-release tab




Head unit


Lithium Ion battery pack


Rapid smart charger


US/European adapters


12V car charger


Helmet extension cord


Helmet mount


VELCRO® brand closure helmet straps


Handlebar mount


Cable straps




Tifosi Fototec glasses

Tifosi Fototec glasses feature lenses that adapt to the conditions so swapping lenses is a thing of the past. You choose the lens that's best for where and how you ride. These great glasses block 100% of ultraviolet rays and stay in place even when the riding gets rough, too.



The best time to treat skin abrasion injuries is immediately after they happen. Uniquely designed to be stashed in a backpack for immediate attention to wounded areas, First Defense cleanses with a powerful yet soothing antiseptic wash that doesn’t sting.




Skin abrasions, cuts, and blisters. Brave Soldier Crash Paks is the all-inclusive kit for any outdoor active individual. Crash Paks contains the essentials needed to effectively treat small and large skin wounds, road rash injuries, and skin scrapes. Properly treat up to 4 wounds with this lightweight, resealable, and waterproof kit. Compact packaging stows away perfectly in

any jersey pocket or backpack.



Veggie Wrap Shin Guard


Veggie Wrap Shin (Free Shipping!!)



Attaches to Veggis Knee with hook and loop material to build an integrated protection system.

Helps keep "slipped pedals" from tattooing your shins.



No hard shell means more comfort and flexibility.

Thick multi-stage layers of ventilated Neoprene®.






2x4 Elbow/Forearm Guard

2x4 Elbow/Forearm Guard (9936676)




- Full wrist to above the elbow protection.


- 12mm EVA foam padding with nylon inserts for impact protection.


- Coolmax liners wick away moisture keeping you cool and dry.


- 300 denier nylon outer cover takes the abuse.


- New wide mesh open weave circulates air to keep you cool and dry.



4 X 4 Knee/Shin Guard (Free Shipping!!)




12mm EVA foam padding with nylon inserts for impact protection.

300 Denier nylon outer cover takes the abuse.

Coolmax® liners wick away moisture keeping you cool and dry.

Spandura® back allows air in to keep you cool and dry

Full ankle to above the knee protection.




Protec Helmet


The Pro-Tec™ Alistair Whitton B2 Pro BMX helmet combines style, comfort and safety. It utilizes SXP technology that's designed maintain protection after multiple impacts. It comes with Alistair Whitton sponsor stickers.




Multi-impact SXP technology


Lightweight design


Includes stickers











Non-Safety Accessories-Ralph








Zorin Pump

pump integrated into seat post


You ask many cyclists what they carry with them and they'll tell you a pump. It is a necessity when you have a flat tire. Especially important when you're low on air and there is no gasoline station near by.


The Biologic Zorin Pump takes care of that issue and the issue of carrying around a floor pump.


Spare Inner Tube

You should always carry a pump, patch kit, or extra INNER TUBE.


You never know when you're going to get a flat. Besides patching up the tube you can just replace it with a new one. They are cheap and easy to install. Get the right size however for the tire you are mounting it on. Also important to note is what valve you have. Presto or Schrader.

$3 - $5


Park Glueless Patch Kit GP-2

One of the necessities to bring on the road is a pump and PATCH KIT when in case you get a flat tire.

Park worked with 3M to produce a self adhesive tube patch that stretches, flexes, twists, and turns right along with the tube and they came up with the Park Glueless Patch Kit GP-2 . No messy glue, no bulky packaging. Lightly roughen tube with the included sandpaper, clean, apply patch, and you're ready to go.


Each pack comes with 6 patches with a small square of sandpaper.




With all the accessoreis in the market what is the use if you have nothing to carry it in. A backpack or messenger bag is one of the most common ways to carry your gear and bike neccessities.


This bag is like any conventional backpack but it utilizes a water reservoir to keep hydrated on the road. A tube is attached to the water reservoir from within the bag that you drink water out of.


fluid capacity

100 fl.oz. / 3.0 l.



Metro Trunk Case

- Detacheable Trunk Case that has attacheable shoulder straps that can be used as a carry on bag


- Quick removal with velcro buckle strap mounting


- Concealed rain cover to protect from the elements



Metro Trunk Case

for laptops


Convenient document and computer bag is ideal cyclist's briefcase


Features stylish clamshell molded EVA foam design


Locking hooks for secure attachment to any bike rack


Right side orientation


Stitched in hideawway rain cover for protection against the elements


Easily accomodates laptop up to 11.5 x11.5" size


Shoulder strap included



Commuter Garment Pannier

- Pannier saddle rack bag that keeps your clothes from being wrinkled and ready for work.

- Water-proof coating on bag

- Attacheable should straps and hangs from any door




(Full Kit)

It's an additional chassis that you attach to your bike that extends your rear wheelbase that is made out of strong Chro-Moly. It holds "saddle-bags" attached to the two side racks and has a top deck used as a flat rack.


Full Kit Includes:


Chassis - Made of Cro-Moly Steel. TIG Welded


FreeLoaders - Waterproof, indestructible Hypalon/Balistic Nylon "saddle bags"


V-Rack - Hard-anodized aluminum 6061-6 tube frame that attaches to the chasis


Snap Deck - Marine grade plywood with built-in load, passenger, and surf capacity


Hardware - Front Attachment Plate, Bolts, French Nuts, Spacers for different dropouts, Chain Extension, New Brake and Derailleur cables, Avid Rollamagig, and a Heavy Duty Kickstand



Cougar 1

This is one of the best-selling child transport systems Chariot sells. It is probably one of the best child bike trailers in the market.


- Multi-Function:

bike child trailer, a jogging/rollerblading stroller, a regular baby stroller, or even a snow trailer (need to buy seperate ski attachments)


- "ezFold" design allows it to be stored away when not in use or in the car when on the go. Easy auto-locks much like quick-release allows it to compact down to size in minutes


- CAS suspension - Chariot Adjustable Suspension is a Leaf spring suspension that adjusts to the weight of the child for a smooth ride even on a not-so smooth path.


for Chariot


$49.99 for attachment to the bike


Edge 605 & 705


"bike friendly"

GPS Units

Lost in the city on your bike? It could happen. Now Garmin is introducing the GPS navigation boxes on your bike.


The 705 is the higher end model which includes what many bike electronics already has such as

- automatic speed

- distance, time

- calories burned, altitude

- climb, and descent tracking

- review the recorded data.


The 605 has less features but both supposedly has a feature where you can "race" a ghost competitor on distance and time. It's like a time attack video game on your bike.


Oh yea did I mention it can navigate you through the streets.

Coming out December 07



$499.99 - $699.99




iHome iH85

Bike Audio

A new take on mobile audio...but on bikes!?


Attachess to your IPOD, wireless remote, and supposedly waterproof. A market that hasn't been ventured yet but cool idea nonetheless.


??? on pricing.

Not yet out.

Giant Citystorm

and the Topeak Jango

Forget buying all those accessories. These companies have integrated accessories already in the bike.



YouTube plugin error













Placycle floating bike storage



Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


floating bike storage for public spaces

purely a concept and an

ingenious and nice solution but looks like one of those crazy human mining things from the Matrix.


HuntCo Bike Pod

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

simple bike storage with encasing to protect bike, already implemented in Chicago

about $1500 for 4 units.

Biceberg Undergound storage solution






Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket



about $140-220K (based on capacity)

Freestanding Bike Lockers






Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

ugly metal storage lockers for bikes


Bike Tree












Solar powered


Wireless network


Smart card technology


Automatic security camera activation


Fully visible storage


Ease of use


Small footprint


Small plaza footprint for maximum floor space


Aesthetically pleasing street furniture


Canopy display feature


Install or move in less than a day (3 to 6 hours)


Always available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


Adaptable for inside parking


Modular form integrates in archictectural designs


Integrates into existing transportation network






Cyclepod allows 8 bikes to be store vertically in a small 2 meter diameter. A lot full of these could accommodate almost an order of magnitude more people than with autos. The Cyclepod also lets you lock both the frame and the front wheel to prevent theft, something bike riders are always worried about.





nifty design but lacks meaning, why not just lean the bike against the wall? then you dont get the little nook for putting your sweaty bike gloves, i get it.



Foldable Bikes-Yuuka






-Weight : 5.5kg (12 pounds) and folds down to 67x30x16cm (26x12x6")


-Telescoping structure : reduces the apparent volume to about 25% in its collapsed state.


-Twin-chain system : enables the rider to move about 3.2m per crank rotation despite the bicycle's tiny (6") wheels.





bike weight:

22 lbs (10 kg)


7000 series aluminium

drive train:

kevlar greaseless belt drive


injection molded 16" (41 cm)


hub brakes


single speed (56 gear inch)

folded size:

standard: 45" x 20" x 20"

(114cm x 51cm x 51cm)

with performance kit:

45" x 20" x 9" (114cm x 51cm x 23cm)

luggage rack:

optional - holds 30 lbs (14kg)

reflective strip:


rider specifications:

weight limit: 250 lbs (110 kg)

height: 5'4" to 6'4" (163 to 193cm)




-The GoBike is made of aluminium, weighing in at about the 11 to 12 kg (24-26 lb) mark. It is said to ride and perform just like a full size bike, suiting riders from 142cm (4 ft 8 in) to 193cm (6 ft 4 in). As the pic indicates it can fold up to a tiny package fit inside a suitcase.






-Yanko Design concept,

don't know if (and when) this bike will go into production



can be a cart for carrying luggage one minute and a bike the next.


Folded size:W450mm×D290mm×H930mm

weight : 12.5kg





the Jackknife was so named because of the way that it folds for easy handling in elevators and on public transportation. Another feature that makes this bike practical for commuting and riding around town is the hydraulic drive system, which stays clean and requires very little maintenance. As you can see, this design also incorporates several features that characterize the Cannondale brand such as oversized tubing, HeadShok front suspension, and a “lefty” monoblade fork. Although Cannondale currently has no plans to produce this design, you should expect to see it as a concept bike at trade shows around the world.


handy bike


7.99 kg (frames and parts completely from aluminium)


Single speed with 52/7 gear ratio, max. speed 25 km/h.


ZZYZX aluminium wheels Standard tires and tubes 6x1¼ up to 6,3 bar (85psi)


Aluminium caliper brakes


Wheelbase: 75cm

Handlebar height: 77-132cm

Handlebar width: 41cm

Distance from seat to bottom bracket:


Folded Size: 90 X 51 X 35 cm


Suitcase Bike


A bike can transform itself into a suitcase






Recumbent Bikes-Yuuka





Bike E



Bike E CT-Comfort Technology: Whether you ride for recreation, exercise, commuting or the occasional century, the CT is the perfect bike for the budget-minded cyclist.


BikeE E2 -BikeE Built for Two: Double your Fun on the BikeE Built for two. BikeE’s E2 tandem provides all the performance, comfort and fun of a recumbent, but it’s also the first mainstream tandem, recumbent or otherwise, to position the stoker with a full view of what’s ahead.







-Lightning was one of the first producers of SWB recumbents. They’ve been building bikes for going on 20 years now and being that the two primaries (Tim Brummer and his wife LeQuan) are actual rocket scientists, their bicycles are pretty well sorted out. Lightning owns a few World Records and is still the only major manufacturer to successfully market a fully faired recumbent.


Trice Q


- The Trice Q is a great sports trike from ICE. Its frame is based on the world renowned Trice XL, one of the most popular trikes in the ICE stable. The Trice Q has been designed from the ground up to give you unbeatable value for money in a machine with rear suspension and the ability to fold and separate without tools as standard.


-The Trice Q is available in two track widths. Standard track is 31” (795 mm) wide, and narrow track is 27” (695 mm) wide. Standard track gives you loads of stability so you can really have some fun in the corners without worrying about shifting your weight. Narrow track sacrifices some of this stability to make it easier to get between bollards or through doorways.

Which ever width you choose, it will come painted in sparkling candy apple red. This machine is a real head turner.


Bacchetta Corsa

-A short wheelbase high racer


Velo Edge





A streamliner is any vehicle that incorporated streamlining to produce a shape that provides less resistance to air.


Speed : 78 mph










Rikisha-Bike Taxi


Bike taxi
Trio Bike

can be a stroller or bike or both


Treadmill Bike more idiotic than it looks $2019
Mercedes Benz Carbon fiber bike While this is their very first racing bike, the use of carbon fiber in vehicle shells isn't new to Mercedes-Benz—the McLaren Mercedes F1 cars of Kimi Raikkonen and Juan Pablo Montoya heavily incorporate it, and their SLR McLaren is the world's first production car with a body shell made entirely of it. The Carbon Bike weighs in at an amazingly light 8.3 kilograms, comes with components from famed Japanese manufacturer Shimano, limited edition of 1999 $3665

Made of carbon composite, the handlebars, stem and fork are all one piece, with the ergonomic seat post and saddle integrated into the frame. Handlebars connect to frame via a pivot, and the seat even has a hole in it to keep you cool while you work the pedals.

The Y-frame shape means that the Oryx is shock-proof and keeps you in contact with the road at all time, and there is a one-sided fork and chain-stay. The crank is designed like a ring and mounted inside the frame on a couple of ball bearings, and the wheels detach from the bike at the push of a button, a useful time-saver for competitions.

Hydro-Cell Bike It may look unassuming, but this bike by Shanghai pearl Hydrogen Cell co. is pretty revolutionary. Behind the seat is a hydrogen fuel cell. So not only do you get a nice little motor to help propel you 15 mph for up to 60 miles when you're sick of pedaling, but you can also be fully recharged in about a half hour. This beats the hell out of regular electric bikes, which typically clock in at around a 3-hour recharge time. While this bike won't be much help to you if there aren't any refueling stations in your area, if there are one or two you can always just pedal there if you run out of hydrogen. Much easier than if your hydrogen car runs out of fuel.


(should drop $500)


The iZip is a hybrid electric bicycle from Currie Technologies with a small electric motor that amplifies your pedaling efforts.

The motor is powered by a lithium-ion battery, which is rechargeable. On high-power turbo mode, one charge will keep you freewheeling for up to 31 miles. There are two modes: standard and economy, which gives you up to 56 miles of aided biking before you're on your own again.

The iZip has also got a 27-speed Shimano drive-train and RockShox forks but, as yet, no price tag.

3G The Stepper http://www.3gstepper.com/index1.htm $649




1.2 Consumer Analysis – The following methodology is a cumulative process that provides the team with a comprehensive view of the existing consumer base.


· Locally conducted statistical surveys


- We will draft (1) 5-7 minute questionnaire; with the purpose of determining key drivers like existing problems, optimal price-point, user-group lifestyles, motivations and awareness of expansion & community involvement


- 2-3 members of our team will set out and collect data from locations related to suspected target groups (ie. Bike shops, colleges, Shopping centers, cta platform commuters, etc.)




· Utilizing Chicago Bike Federation research data


- We will utilize all research data available to us from the Chicagoland Bike Federation.



· 1-week Analytical Journaling assignment - Through this observation, we will gain a first-person understanding of a user’s daily routine as a cycle commuter.


- 2-3 members of the team will spend one week as a 100% cycle commuter. During this time the team members will keep a detailed photographic and written journal of their morning preparation ritual, items carried at all times of the day, weather, traffic issues, distance traveled, etc.


- At the end of the week, each member will compile this information, along with maps, photos, etc. and present it to the group for analysis.



· Shadowing assignment

- Our team's most experienced rider will wear a helmet cam while tailing Chicago cyclists of varying experience levels. The team will select 2-5 individuals for this shadowing observation.

- Our team will then review these videos and note possible design opportunities.


Product Group Availability






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