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Kent Solberg - Instructor

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some links to bike zero projects, in progress:









ok, so that last one isn't mine, but i'd love to take credit.... more soon..... please look through these and be prepared to ask questions in class... ks


this is a GREAT example of passive ethno, documented.... american in amsterdam. note that the observations are all good, some of his conclusions are off on a tangent (dead wrong) ks also notice that this was done in 73minutes..... hup hup~!





this is an EXCELLENT example of a product solution. also a very nice example of using a pez dispenser as an analogue (remember from pd4 with doug?)





very nice. this is the level of product solution that i would expect. i would expect to see some comments posted from students here - ks




on another note, this is my favorite way to start the day:





ideas just FLOW after a little jimi..... try and let me know how it works for you.... ks


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