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Ralph Delos Reyes

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Special Emergency Response Team



Bike Fleet in Ohio

New York Article

Bike Fleet in Ohio too

Nano Technology Textiles

bike mobility - military

paratrooper bike

Human Mobility






First Person Empathy Journal





WED 9/12


First Day biking to school (Downtown Chicago)


530 Wake up call from Trinedy to bike to school.  Didn’t know she was actually serious.


600 Meet her up and we rode  to the Skokie Swift


615 – 715  Yellow Line - Howard Redline - Get off Harrison, bike the 1 block to school


730 – 900  At school super early.  Killed time at Model Shop

900 - 915 Ride the streets of Chicago to Millenium Park for class

1100 - 930  Rode back to school and was in school remainder of day

930 - 1045  Took Redline - Skokie Swift - Rode the rest of the way home


$7 - Lunch @ Panera



Not properly dressed

for early morning commute: COLD!



- Merrell Shoes I use for biking

- Bandana


1 miles

Morton Grove -

Skoke Swift train station

Thurs 9/13

First Ride to Work (Northbrook, IL)


615 Wake up and begin an early start to work. 


700 Rear tire decides to go flat


830 Get to work late after locking up my bike and walking FAR.


830 – 430 Work


430 – 530 Get picked up by brother in-law, pick up bike, and go to Garner Cyclery (Northbrook)


600 – 645 Install new tires and inner tube

$40 - tires

$5 - inner tube



Not properly dress for early morning commute: COLD!

- T-shirt


- Hat

- usual biking shoes

10 miles

(Morton Grove - Northbrook)

FRI 9/14

Second Ride to Work


630 Bike to Work


715 Stopped by gas station to get breakfast (vitamin water + banana)

- Still had about another mile to go and was proud I made it in good time.


430 Get off Work and bike to bus stop

515 – 545 Take the Bus to Old Orchard (Skokie)  First time using the front bike racks on the busy


600 – 615 Ride the rest of the way home (Morton Grove)

$0.50 - banana

$1.75 - Vitamin Water



-Water bottle

-Change of shirt

- Face cleanser

- Deodarant

- Towel


-Fleece track jacket


-Usual bike shoes


10 miles

(Morton Grove - Northbrook)

SAT 9/22

Interview day 

1100 Wake up with a slight hangover

100 Walk to sisters house to borrow nephews bike

130  Ride to Al’s Bike Shop (Skokie) to buy inner tube

200 - 330 Sister’s garage installing new inner tube

            - re-install rear inner tube/tire; tread was going the wrong way

            - Failed attempt at a tune-up. Rear brakes suck now


330 Ride back home

345 – 415 Meet Jessy and do interview in front of Osco (Morton Grove)


430 – 500 Eat/relax talk about who I interviewed to Dad and sister


515 – Riding to ATM then off to Skokie to visit a friend

545 – 630 At my friends house



700 – 730 Interview with Marco Polo, the “Bike Man”

800 – 830 Continue Interview/At Osco buying “Marco Polo” groceries

900 – 1030 Dinner with friends at Tapas Barcelona (Evanston)

1030 – 11 Evanston to home (Morton Grove)

$5 - inner tube

$40 - payback a friend

$2 - money to Marco Polo

for conducting interview

$9 - groceries for Marco Polo

as a nice gesture for interview


$12 - Dinner at Tapas Barcelona






- Tshirt

- Puma shorts

- usual biking shoes

- Long sleeve shirt for when it got colder

< 2 miles

Morton Grove -

Al's Bike Shop (skokie)



8 miles

M.G. - Skokie - Evanston

SAT 9/23 

2nd Interview day

330 – 400 Rode from Morton Grove to Howard Station

430 – 500 Get off Wilson stop @ Uptown Bikes

            - 1 interview

500 – 530 2nd interview with lady I chased down the street

530 – 600 Lunch @ Bale sandwich shop (Argyle)

600 – 630 Rode to downtown

700 – 800 Redline to Howard

800 – 830 97 bus / Bike rest of the way home

$7 - sandwich & Thai Iced Tea @ Argyle


$1 - bottled water


- U-Lock

- Jeans

- T-shirt

- track jacket (in bag)

10 miles

(Argyle/Broadway - Taylor/Canal)



Ralph! Like the journal and your comments. I feel your pain. I think some of the probs you encountered are typical. Good job so far on this. ---Carl


A Bike With Automatic Transmission

Unheard of?  Not really.  The new Trek Lime is attracting a lot of attention!

Shimano has implented the Coasting Hub to current bike lines such as Trek, Giant, and Raleigh.





Wish you were at Ellen's show that day huh?

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For Those On the Product Side

Accessory Integration On Bikes becoming the new trend

Bikes such as the Giant Citystorm and the Topeak Jango were showcased in the Taipei cycle show. 

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Bike Rental Service in Germany

Yeah that's right.  There's a service in Germany that allows you to rent a bike anywhere in the city that has one of their locked bikes. 



3 Easy steps

- You call the number on the bike

- give them your credit card info

- they give you the numbers to unlock the bike.


Taking something that everyone has already, in this case cell phones, and implenting to an entire system for bike rentals. Now that's hot!


Featured on Engadget

The Offical Site is written in German.  Good luck with that.



Urban Transport System 



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