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the Leona Helmsley tribute page

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Ethongrapic Research:

1st person Travel Log for commutes to Work, Gym and Skatepark.





items clothing distance



5:35 am -Leave house on bicycle from 3352 W Hutchinson (kimball and montrose)

5:55 am -Arrive at intersection of Irving Park and Western, A CRV nearly clips me and then honks.

6:10 am -Arrive at intersection of Belmont and  Western,  there is a bridge there that allows the traffic to go above the police station where I am almost taken out by an Astro Van who makes adecision to change from the ramp to the street. A homeless man asks me for change at the bus stop.

6:55 am -reach Grand and Western Aves. A latino man in an Escalade almost runs me down while making a right. Glares at me, i dont want to look at him.

7:08 am - at intersection of Flournoy and Western someone offers me $50 for my bike. I dont accept and pedal away, quickly.

7:18 am- arrive at work, sweaty and sore, but awake for once. Bring bike into foyer of factory, get a disapproving stare from the plant manager who asks if i became one of "those bike people."

8:30 am- finally stop sweating.

11:00am - asked if i am going to leave my bike in the foyer all year, i store my bike in an out of the way spot on the loading dock.

4:00 pm - start the ride home, relatively uneventful on the way back except getting yelled at by kids waiting for the bus.

4:17 pm -almost ran into a man who was looking down the road to see if the bus was coming, "he would not move out of the way" is what i would have maintained at the trial. 

4:28 pm - wonder why there are no bike lanes on western and if this is really the best route after a cabbie yells at me to ride on the sidewalk.

4:45 pm - get a slight ego boost by seeing that i have kept pace with a green mercury mountaineer for about 8 blocks because the traffic is so bad on western.

5:26 pm- arrive home about 40 minutes later than when i drive.

saved about $10 on gas, spent $8 on lunch wallet, keys, phone,  backpack, water, gloves, helmet, will to live khaki shorts, collared shirt, running shoes, micro-fiber socks. about 16 miles



5:00 pm - leave house to get to gym at elston and leland ave.

5:08 pm -start up montrose wet towards elston, avoid irregular pavement

5:10 pm - have to cross montrose at stop sign where the "rolling stop" is common.

5:18 pm - arrive at gym at 4677 N Elston Ave. Park bike and lock with a U-lock.  Enter gym and lock backpack and helmet in locker.

6:30 pm - leave gym and unlock bike.

6:50 pm - arrive back at 3352 W Hutchinson.

spent $2 on energy drink helmet, water, gloves, towel, backpack, wallet, phone, keys, wifebeater, basketball shorts, micro-fiber socks, gym shoes about 4 miles



1:00pm - leave 3352 W Hutchinson, head down to oakley via Montrose.

1:14pm - make a right on oakley.

1:28pm - at oakley and byron go over some speed bumps.

1:36pm - arrive at 3243 N Oakley to wake up loser friends. Lock up bike onto front porch via U-lock.

1:58 pm eat at beat kitchen then leave to get on train at paulina.

2:22 pm get to belmont transfer to red line

2:40 pm get off at Wilson redline stop

2:49 pm get to Wilson skatepark

2:50-4:00pm - skate, go to beach and look at the clouds, get thrown off the rocks at the shore by the CPD.

4:12 pm - head back to the redline.

5:10 pm - end up back at 3243 N Oakley

5:15 pm - grill and crack some brews.

$5 on water for the crew


 helmet, gloves, backpack, skateboard, water shorts, microfiber socks, skateshoes  i estimate about 10 miles




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these LED blades spell stuff out for you on your spokes. if i was ten i would be all over these. Perhaps an opportunity lies in a safety product, make this one less kitchy.



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i thought this was the coolest thing ever, i am buying one. for $380?? and a chance to get tazed at the airport for riding around on one??? I'm in.


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hey everyone,


I'll post this again i thought it was excellent, the Euros already got all the good ideas in motion. -adam




also this is a nice product using LED's which as you all know i have an affinity for this semester.




bamboo bike? splinters on the inner thigh methinks...


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the old "arab burnout"



this guy.....


...its the thought that counts...





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Anonymous said

at 12:59 am on Sep 12, 2007

HAHAHAHAHAHAAH!...thank God for some Comic Relief.
At least we know there's the issue of safety.

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