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There is a way where there looks to be none

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Bicycle Parking


City of Chicago Department of Transportation


You can order bike racks and get detail drawings from that site.


  Bicycle Rack Decal    
  See attached about the size and placement of the decal on a bike rack. (file size - 158kb)
  Bicycle Rack Specs - Surface Mount Detail    
  Look at this technical drawing for information about surface mounts for outdoor bicycle racks. (file size - 229kb)
  Bicycle Rack Specs - Type b    
  See attached for detailed design about a "Type b" inverted U bike rack. (file size - 574kb)
  Daley Plaza 4 Loop Bike Rack Design    
  Click to see the detailed design drawings of the 4 loop bicycle rack design. (file size - 28kb)


This is just something I found surfing. The path is clear of any motor vehicles. It even has its own traditional traffic light.




September 3, 2003 11:37 PM


Broken: Bike path signage

 The bike path on the west side of Manhattan is a local favorite. Don't get me wrong - we love the bike path.

The only problem is that the signage can be confusing. In the first picture, two stop signs compete with two green lights. Should the cyclist stop or go? Also notice that it's hard to tell that the trail isn't for walkers. Painted on the pavement just above the cyclist icon is the rollerblader icon, which looks an awful lot like a person walking.

The second picture shows the markings on the pavement - triangles and perpendicular stripes - that (I assume) tell cyclists to slow down, stop if necessary, and allow pedestrians to cross at the crosswalk. But that's just a guess.

Thanks to Peter Frishauf for the photos. He points us to www.transalt.org: "They are actually taking

legal action over the stop signs.....apparently they are a violation of state law."








DERO Bike Rack Co.

2657 32nd Avenue S
Minneapolis, MN 55406
Toll Free:


They have several solutions for bicycle storage. Categorized in several different locations.


Company Proposal:

Dero Bike Rack Company was established with the belief that bicycle racks should satisfy the aesthetic concerns of site planners and architects, and fulfill the function and security needs of bicyclists. All commercial grade Dero Racks are u-lock compatible and look attractive enough to be put in the front of the building where they will be used. To see some of the customers we have served please see our client list.

  Home Storage
  Small Businesses
  Property Managers
  Custom Racks
  Bike Shelters






www.ibike.org/engineering/parking.htm This site is a kind of awareness for Bikers. Also it has great links to Bicycle parking suppliers - bike racks, bicycle lockers & bike storage





This is a cool way to track your case of a stolen bike. Though there has to be a much more interactive way to get the case recorded. check it out tho. Stolen bike Registry.



Parking Solution in Portland Oregon.                                                         Struggle in Kyoto Japan. NO space to maneuver. A better solution would have been if they were diagonaly parked (at least).

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Bikers can see it can drivers?

Key issue with iconography is, no matter how well and simple it is, it has to make sense. On the road it has to make sense at first glimpse.

Motor vehicle drivers need to be aware and educated of new signs that mean different safety pre-cautions for cyclists.


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Before thinking about what to do about the icons and symbols, we have to approach the DMV. Student drivers are taught to look, listen and react. Soon after they zone out after driving for many years and and blindly drive thier cars only looking for speed limit signs or cops lurking around the corners.




  • In the City

There are several locations in Chicago that dont do a great job of communicating safety.


Wouldn't it be great if this guy was everywhere we needed a shortcut?

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_ Clearly, there is no way for one to find the best route to a safer pathway, unless they find cyclist angels like this guy.



  • Drivers are fast and nimble. Bikers are slow and steady. Not a great combination when both are on the same street.


  • The attention that is needed for Bicyclists on the streets of Chicago are serious. Many have suffered injury, mental trauma due to angry or un-knowing drivers, and death. In some cases if proper signage was placed with proper lighting many cases could have been avoided.
  • Signs need to be regarded just as important as traffic lights. Especially in a condensed city with a large population of cyclists like Chicago.
  • We can take examples from other cities, however cycle paths need to be tailored to Chicago's setup.
  • Educating the public of new signs will take years to accomplish for a statistical change.


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Possible Solutions



  • Colored pathways are a plus.
  • Large Signs with obvious iconography.
  • Illuminated traffic lights for cyclists coordinated with the traffic lights for cars.
  • Solar Panel Sign posts?
  • Low heat LED displays similar to bill boards. 
  • Signs on road can be reflective and given an iluminated quality.
  • The sign posts on the road could be a screen display composed of E-ink technology, so that it appears flat and switches to different road symbols and words to inform cyclists and drivers.


Solar Power could be an oppurtunity for several products of the city to be less energy dependant.


Dicovery Channel's HOW IT's MADE - Construction of Solar Panels

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 E-ink is an exciting new screen technology. It can be seen easily in direct sun, can be read at virtually any angle and offers longer battery life than conventional LCD displays.


E Ink uses microscopic colored beads suspended in a clear liquid between layers of plastic that react to electrical charges. The overall effect is that of a four-color grayscale screen that mimics the way light reflects on paper and allows for extended reading to take place at any angle. Click here for an article on how E-Ink technology works.


Because the display uses power only when an image is changed, E-Ink displays have extended battery life over other types of displays. Here at eBook Technologies we have developed a prototype that makes use of the E-Ink technology with a display quality that appears similar to a newspaper.


Here are some examples of E-ink Displays currently in the market:




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Quick Concept of E ink + solar technology markings and signs.



manual of Bicycle related traffic signs








Bicycle related signs are available on public streets. Not everyone in the city see's them clearly or respect them enough to consider cyclists as shared occupants of the street. There needs to be education of these signs that re-kindle the spirit of sharing the commute. Aggresive drivers should be punished just as severly for cyclists as the fine for hitting construction workers. The signs are not temporary like construction signs. They are / will be there warning and cautioning over every block. Shared pathways can be COLOR COATED. Thus, anything hindering the path should be fixed.


These paths should also incorporate bike destinations. These pathways can branch to Repair shops, CTA, Metra, Storage centers etc. The width of the pathways can only accomodate two bikes side to side. This allows for the hierarchy of faster and slower bikers to be on the same lane. Cars will be able to ride over the lane however a it will be a violation if the car uses the bike lane as a passing lane (exception for emergency vehicles).


The authorities should be educated too. To make everything easier on the eye, everysign can use new technology



Siemens VDO developed a new systems that reads and interpretes road signs for you and can even act on them.

A special camera captures video of, and an onboard computer with pattern-recognition reads, any road signs. If the system spots a speed limit sign, for example, it places that information side-by-side with your actual speed in a heads-up display, which floats in your field of vision in the windshield. You can also set cruise control to adjust your speed to the posted speed limit. They want to start selling these to car makers in two years.












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