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Yuuka Yonemura

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1st person Travel Journaling








Yuuka, Great looking journal! Nice visual description. You may want to include in your SUV travel cost, a pro-rated amount you pay each day for car insurance, licensing, and payments (if it's still not paid off).  ---Carl





Foldable Bikes-Yuuka






-Weight : 5.5kg (12 pounds) and folds down to 67x30x16cm (26x12x6")


-Telescoping structure : reduces the apparent volume to about 25% in its collapsed state.
-Twin-chain system : enables the rider to move about 3.2m per crank rotation despite the bicycle's tiny (6") wheels.
bike weight: 22 lbs (10 kg)
frame: 7000 series aluminium
drive train: kevlar greaseless belt drive
wheels: injection molded 16" (41 cm)
brakes: hub brakes
speeds: single speed (56 gear inch)
folded size: standard: 45" x 20" x 20"
(114cm x 51cm x 51cm)

with performance kit:
45" x 20" x 9" (114cm x 51cm x 23cm)
luggage rack: optional - holds 30 lbs (14kg)
reflective strip: scotchlite
rider specifications: weight limit: 250 lbs (110 kg)
height: 5'4" to 6'4"  (163 to 193cm)


-The GoBike is made of aluminium, weighing in at about the 11 to 12 kg (24-26 lb) mark. It is said to ride and perform just like a full size bike, suiting riders from 142cm (4 ft 8 in) to 193cm (6 ft 4 in). As the pic indicates it can fold up to a tiny package fit inside a suitcase.




-Yanko Design concept,

don't know if (and when) this bike will go into production


can be a cart for carrying luggage one minute and a bike the next.


Folded size:W450mm×D290mm×H930mm

weight : 12.5kg



  the Jackknife was so named because of the way that it folds for easy handling in elevators and on public transportation. Another feature that makes this bike practical for commuting and riding around town is the hydraulic drive system, which stays clean and requires very little maintenance. As you can see, this design also incorporates several features that characterize the Cannondale brand such as oversized tubing, HeadShok front suspension, and a “lefty” monoblade fork. Although Cannondale currently has no plans to produce this design, you should expect to see it as a concept bike at trade shows around the world.  
handy bike
Weight: 7.99 kg (frames and parts completely from aluminium)
Power: Single speed with 52/7 gear ratio, max. speed 25 km/h.
Wheelset: ZZYZX aluminium wheels Standard tires and tubes 6x1¼ up to 6,3 bar (85psi)
Brakes: Aluminium caliper brakes


Wheelbase: 75cm

Handlebar height: 77-132cm

Handlebar width: 41cm

Distance from seat to bottom bracket:


Folded Size: 90 X 51 X 35 cm
Suitcase Bike


A bike can transform itself into a suitcase




Recumbent Bikes-Yuuka





Bike E

Bike E CT-Comfort Technology: Whether you ride for recreation, exercise, commuting or the occasional century, the CT is the perfect bike for the budget-minded cyclist.


BikeE E2 -BikeE Built for Two: Double your Fun on the BikeE Built for two. BikeE’s E2 tandem provides all the performance, comfort and fun of a recumbent, but it’s also the first mainstream tandem, recumbent or otherwise, to position the stoker with a full view of what’s ahead.







 Lightning was one of the first producers of SWB recumbents. They’ve been building bikes for going on 20 years now and being that the two primaries (Tim Brummer and his wife LeQuan) are actual rocket scientists, their bicycles are pretty well sorted out. Lightning owns a few World Records and is still the only major manufacturer to successfully market a fully faired recumbent.


Trice Q

- The Trice Q is a great sports trike from ICE. Its frame is based on the world renowned Trice XL, one of the most popular trikes in the ICE stable. The Trice Q has been designed from the ground up to give you unbeatable value for money in a machine with rear suspension and the ability to fold and separate without tools as standard.


-The Trice Q is available in two track widths. Standard track is 31” (795 mm) wide, and narrow track is 27” (695 mm) wide. Standard track gives you loads of stability so you can really have some fun in the corners without worrying about shifting your weight. Narrow track sacrifices some of this stability to make it easier to get between bollards or through doorways.
Which ever width you choose, it will come painted in sparkling candy apple red. This machine is a real head turner.

Bacchetta Corsa  -A short wheelbase high racer  $2200
Velo Edge



A streamliner is any vehicle that incorporated streamlining to produce a shape that provides less resistance to air. 


Speed : 78 mph











Rikisha-Bike Taxi

 Bike taxi

 Trio Bike  

 can be a stroller or bike or both


Treadmill Bike    more idiotic than it looks  $2019
Mercedes Benz Carbon fiber bike    While this is their very first racing bike, the use of carbon fiber in vehicle shells isn't new to Mercedes-Benz—the McLaren Mercedes F1 cars of Kimi Raikkonen and Juan Pablo Montoya heavily incorporate it, and their SLR McLaren is the world's first production car with a body shell made entirely of it. The Carbon Bike weighs in at an amazingly light 8.3 kilograms, comes with components from famed Japanese manufacturer Shimano, limited edition of 1999  $3665

Made of carbon composite, the handlebars, stem and fork are all one piece, with the ergonomic seat post and saddle integrated into the frame. Handlebars connect to frame via a pivot, and the seat even has a hole in it to keep you cool while you work the pedals.

The Y-frame shape means that the Oryx is shock-proof and keeps you in contact with the road at all time, and there is a one-sided fork and chain-stay. The crank is designed like a ring and mounted inside the frame on a couple of ball bearings, and the wheels detach from the bike at the push of a button, a useful time-saver for competitions.

Hydro-Cell Bike    It may look unassuming, but this bike by Shanghai pearl Hydrogen Cell co. is pretty revolutionary. Behind the seat is a hydrogen fuel cell. So not only do you get a nice little motor to help propel you 15 mph for up to 60 miles when you're sick of pedaling, but you can also be fully recharged in about a half hour. This beats the hell out of regular electric bikes, which typically clock in at around a 3-hour recharge time. While this bike won't be much help to you if there aren't any refueling stations in your area, if there are one or two you can always just pedal there if you run out of hydrogen. Much easier than if your hydrogen car runs out of fuel.




(should drop $500)


The iZip is a hybrid electric bicycle from Currie Technologies with a small electric motor that amplifies your pedaling efforts.

The motor is powered by a lithium-ion battery, which is rechargeable. On high-power turbo mode, one charge will keep you freewheeling for up to 31 miles. There are two modes: standard and economy, which gives you up to 56 miles of aided biking before you're on your own again.

The iZip has also got a 27-speed Shimano drive-train and RockShox forks but, as yet, no price tag.






Walk, Walk, Walk Your Bicycle...







YouTube plugin error


looks so hard lol




Working Bikes etc..


America's Oldest Cycle Manufacturer-Workmans





Icecream Bike:)  Rikisha


     Tandem Folding Bike




Danish Bike+stroller "trioBike"










Bike Taxi!


I used to use a lot in Tokyo. It was very cheap and convenient!






--- Glad we have a satisfied pedicab customer in the class! Chicago just got a handful of these. You can wrap an ad on the back like on a car or bus, and generate extra revenue for the business. They also make an electric assist model. [Carl]




 Parking Solution


Underground parking system in Tokyo.Capacity is up to 150 bikes.Sorry the article is only available in Japanese:)



Each user has a personal ID card that gives the user access to the parking facility. To park your bike, just put it behind the doors and the rest is taken care of automatically. To get the bike back, swipe your ID card and the system will retrieve your bike for you from the underground storage.   








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